Hello and welcome to the 2016 ice condition reports.
On January 2nd Lake Nosbonsing was iced over but not safe, less than 2 inches of cloudy not good ice. We are waiting for mother nature to bring some cold weather to stay. We have had an unseasonably warm December that warmed up water temperatures and the lake was still all open water on New Years Day.
On January 4th we have had a couple cold nights, but not enough for me to venture out yet. Weather forecast is predicting a warm week until the weekend when cold should return. We need more than two nights of cold! I need 6-8 inches of clear ice to get my skidoo and huts on the lake.... Ready to fish!
On January 8th and 9th ice fishing got under way for some crazies in the rain on 4-5" of very wet ice and lots of unsafe ice report. They were close to shore and warned of darkspots in ice. So far I haven't seen or spudded clean clear new ice safe to stand on and will wait for the cold snap that is coming. A friend put his skidoo through the lake on Nosbonsing. Luckily for him he didn't go through and skidoo held on by one ski. They had to winch it out as it was sinking. A different friend went out fishing off lake shore on nipissing and caught 3 walleye from 4-7pm in 10 ft of water on 5" of ice 100 yards out. Talked to other ice fishermen on Callender Bay and they reported 4-5" and catching fish! Please be cautious, the problem with 4" of ice under your feet is that 10ft away it can be 2" and your 200+ pound human body will go through 2" of ice. So if your crazy to go on 4" ice, at least own it by wearing ice picks, stay close to shore, stay with a buddy, test ice with spud, keep spud close bye in case one person goes through and you need to save them and if ever in doubt of ice thickness check yo self and stay home. Ice Fishing is Fun, Ice Swimming not so much! I expect a record year for trucks and skidoos going through Lake Nipissing. The ice isn't safe till 4 trucks have hit bottom is the local saying; however ice safety is an individual responsibility. Get lots of reports from outfitters and bait tackle shops but it is no substitute for drilling your own holes and using a spud to check for ice thickness on your way out and test potential weak spots like a pressure crack crossing. If you start seeing thin ice, turn to shore and walk back the way you came, don't keep walking out onto bad ice, turn around and fish another day. keep an eye out for pressure cracks that may quickly form with cold snap. Weather forecast for this week is very cold all week, hope to get my huts on ice for next weekend.

lake nosbonsing ice reportJanuary 12 ice and fish report: I checked the ice at the government boatlaunch and spudded 3 holes. First hole was 4.5", Second hole was 10" and third hole further out was 5". Ice felt safer, chisel didn't go through on first several hits and I jumped up and down. I was wearing ice picks and spudded holes over about 5ft of water. tomorrow will try further out. Working on moving icehuts to lake the rest of this week. i have a report from jays Ice huts on Nosbonsing, he is reporting 8" in narrows, 4-13" at boatlaunch. Fish are biting for him, walleye, pike and perch caught in narrows. The season has started!!!
lake nosbonsing ice report
Wednesday January 13, Today was ice hut moving day. Tomorrow will be too! I spent most of the day moving ice huts around with my fourwheeler and brute strength. lake nosbonsing ice report I got 1 hut to launch and 1 hut onto trailer and ratchet strapped to hell for trip to lake first thing in morning. Hopefully get 2 more loaded and moving tomorrow afternoon. If I'm lucky Friday will be fishing and pulling huts to fishing hole! My buddy Phil is reporting 6" of ice on Lake Nipissing off lakeshore drive downtown north bay. He is catching small walleyes. lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report Friday January 15, Today my friend phil and I pulled out my 4 huts onto the lake. Caught some perch and lost a walleye. Skidoos and Quads started crossing the lake and several more huts pulled out. I took a nice skidoo ride around this half of the lake with no problems. We had 7" under our hut with some nice clear ice. Tomorrow our first group of the season arrives for hopefully a great day of fishing. lake nosbonsing ice report Saturday January 16 and Sunday January 17, We had 2 groups this last weekend. On Saturday our group caught perch throughout the day and a 2lb walleye in the morning. It was a rather snowy day with high winds blowing it all around
Sunday the winds calmed down and temps were perfect. Our group caught 2 pike and 3 perch including 1 big jumbo.lake nosbonsing ice report Ok fishing, glad for the fish they caught however there should be more fish biting as I was skunked and had no bites and only one flag up on a tipup fishing all day. I think it is the moon phase slowing the bite. Today, monday was freezing cold all day. Michelle went to get her ankle x-rayed and nothing is broken, just swollen. She is resting it and hopes to get out icefishing soon. We took max out for an hour Sunday morning and he did really well on the ice first time ice fishing. Tomorrow my friend Phil and I are going night fishing for walleye! I have my Vexilar charged up, glow in dark lures and minnows ready. I can't wait. I'm ready to catch my first lake nosbonsing ice reportwallawalleyes of this late start to season. You all should have heard me singing and serenading to miss NOSSIE the legendary Monster Walleye Saturday night fishing in my hut after dark. It was worthy of Canadian idol! lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report January 22 and 23 ice fishing report. On Friday I had great fishing. My friend Phil took me to a spot on Nipissing off of the downtown north bay waterfront. We tried 3 spots and close to shore in 13ft of water was the ticket for biting perch on 3/4 to 1lb range. We had fun running after flags and tending our rods. Perch were biting on a macho minnow with treble removed and instead a pro finesse drop chain with mini jeweled treble. the perch could suck the PFDC with a small shiner or a larger shiners head attached. I didn't have to change lures. January 23, fishing extremely slow, myself and one group got skunked. :( lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report Moved huts on January 25 to new location over 34 ft of water. January 26 fished from 3 to 7. had 2 flags up and lost a nice walleye on one. Seeing more on Vexilar. January 27, Rob King has arrived and we fished all day from 1030 to 7. We landed 1 15" walleye and lost a 14" walleye in the hole. Seeing lots of marks on Vexilar come up to our lures but not a lot of bites. It was bright and sunny for most of the day, tomorrow snow and low pressure should turn on the fishing. lots of minnow schools passing through on sonar. big marks too, just need hungry fish! Tried a lot of lures. As soon as I find a pattern or hot color will let you all know. January 28, 29, 30, 31ice fishing report for Lake Nosbonsing. Rob caught a very nice walleye on a unique lure for ice fishing anyways, a lipless rattle rap. On the 29th I caught an eater walleye and rob caught a 30" pike and 1lb cisco. On the 30th I fished with Jay from JaysIceHuts.ca at the sunken island going towards Bonfield. Sunken island comes up to 4 feet at its shallowest and its not that large. We fished one side of it at 17 feet and caught perch than we fished the other side at 20 feet and caught a walleye. I caught the walleye on a orange spoon and pro finesse drop chain with a minnow head. We had lots of big marks on the Vexilar and caught and released a lot of perch. Saw a large walleye caught at the hut next to us. Watch out for slushy areas on the way to the sunken island. On January 31st 2016 I caught a 16 1/2 inch walleye on a tip up splitshot hook and shiner over 34 feet of water around 430pm, it was +2 and raining. We are taking booking for the rest of February and have lots of opening. Call us now 705 498 8680 lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report lake nosbonsing ice report February 14th 2016 Ice Fishing Report, So far the first 2 weeks of February have seen an improvement in fishing. It may be my new location.. A week ago I pulled my huts from the 34 ft deep flat to a unique spot that is 17-21ft deep with a variety of contour and structure as it is an inside turn on the breakline going into a small bay. There is now weeds and rocks in our new spot, Plus some big walleyes to boot. A 25'' Walleye put up a great fight on a silver Freedom Spoon! Currently we have some frigid temperatures. This morning was Minus 36 degrees celcius, and unfortunately I had to move a couple groups to a warmer day. My skidoo will not start at that temperature. I'm working on thawing it so it will work on Monday when better fishing weather arrives.

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