Update: September 16th, 2017
We have put in a request for a licence transfer. As soon as we get approval to proceed, we will be buying into Lake Nipissing. We are diligently working with the ministry to settle their concerns, settle our case fairly with our huts returned, issue apologies for harsh language solely designed to open eyes to a safety first attitude that puts my family's safety first. I was an angry papa bear. However we have always been peaceful so our public relations team is unruffling feathers and calming nerves So I can go ice fishing again and take y'all with me. We have the funding to purchase our choice of a Lake Nipissing ice fishing business. Pray all goes well and a deal closes and we get some cooperation and peace with the North Bay MNRF officials and they become friends. Pray for that. I want to go ice fishing! Damn right it's September and ice fishing is the only thing on my business mind.
I love You Michelle. I love you Max. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Marc "proper procedure" "safest ice" "nice and polite" Hyndman and Michelle "best mother ever" Daigle
I will update as soon as we get approval to proceed with a licence transfer, wrap up our case, receive our huts back, etc...
Pray all goes well!

This is old news... will be deleting soon. Attention: Lawyers representing the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have lost their case against us because they failed to provide disclosure of evidence vital to our case exposing MNRF and government corruption. This evidence is recorded in court and they didn't want to disclose it because they know what they said and did. MNRF officials can't sweep this under the rug. They are in hiding. I'm not. I got the prosecutor and judge on tape conducting themselves illegally. I got them hook, line and sinker and the minute they disclose the evidence I am asking for to me, it is getting sent to my friends in the media and if they don't disclose it voluntarily, you can ask what they are hiding. This government is corrupt to the core of who they are. They can't imagine other people having rights. We have rights. We are back in business for January, 1st 2018 where I find the ice to be safest. Get it through your thick skulls the following people, Tim Caddell and underlings, Paul Gonsalves and associates and Kathryn McGarry as well anyone else who wants me to go where they deem I should go ice fishing as opposed to what I will always do , go where the ice is safest. We won in court because MNRF lawyers failed to provide disclosure as well as improper conduct. We are fighting over the size of our settlement. We will not take a penny less than $2,000,000 Canadian Dollars with interest accruing from July 1st, 2017. If your ice fishing group was affected by the MNRF's assault on my business, I will contact you asap to properly compensate you and try to make good on a future ice fishing trip. We are implementing reforms to the MNRF and NFN. Please contact me Chief McLeod and talk with me and walk in each other's shoes. I'm not your enemy. I'd prefer to be your friend. We would like the commercial nets taken out of the lake and I'd like to talk about how to build support for those reforms. We are bringing back Hospitality to North Bay!!! WELCOME to North Bay Ontario, Lake Nipissing, Trout Lake and Lake Nosbonsing!!! Welcome to IceHutRentals.ca
We are based out of Sunset Point, Lake Nipissing on the beautiful city of North Bay serving all Ice Fishers wanting to catch Big Fish through the ice on Lake Nipissing!

Our Legal Defence in Written Form, We are working towards a favorable settlement.

Your Honor, MNRF Officials, The Media, My Clients and most importantly my family.
I am here today as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IceHutRentals.ca and IceHut.ca to defend the rights to safety, equality and freedom of movement for all ice fishing guides, outfitters and fishing camps. Safety is our number one priority and any attempts to force, pressure, legislate and punish ice fishing guides defending their right to freedom of movement and thusly the individual fishing guides choice as to which lake and section of lake is Safest for their clients will be met with a vicious defense of our rights. NOT, safe enough, safer or good enough! NO, I will not put my family on frozen ice, the most dangerous type of fishing there is, unless I am 110% sure my chosen location is the safest ice I can find free from duress, pressure, and negligent legislation that has absolutely nothing to due with protecting the walleye fishery, in the governments own words, " The moratorium on new commercial ice hut licences is not the appropriate tool to address the fundamental issue affecting the walleye population in the lake"LNFMP2014
Other epic quotes from the government giving birth to a legal challenge and completely supporting my case. "There is support from the public and stakeholders for the implementation of a fee for commercial ice hut use on the lake • There is support from the LMFMPAC to develop stewardship products that promote both proper ice hut use and ice fishing etiquette on the lake • Consider standardizing commercial ice hut registration and licencing for province. "LNFMP2014
"SOCIO-ECONOMIC OBJECTIVES 2. To provide fair and equitable access to the winter fishery for commercial use."LNFMP2014pg79
"STATUS OF THE LAKE NIPISSING COMMERCIAL ICE HUTS The winter fishery makes up 40% of the angler harvest, of which, 10% is from the overnight commercial ice huts (Figures 24 and 25). Although commercial ice huts account for 19% of effort, it has not measurably increased overall effort for walleye. Walleye harvest has actually declined since 2004, despite commercial shacks."LNFMP2014pg78

The rest of our multiple valid legal arguments against the validity of "Section 37(3) of Regulation 664/98 pursuant to the Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997(place fishing hut on ice with prescribed number not displayed. )" All fall secondary but still overwhelmingly valid and worth exploring in depth, to our safety arguments which will always be number 1! This mindset is securing my companies future and allowing my company to have a monetary value that is growing and thus we have a going concern we are going to vigorously and thoroughly defend.
I would rather be here in court today fighting for my right to safety among many other rights and the return of 6 icehuts, while enduring daily news reports about alleged racist ads, warnings from the ministry, defiance of the ministry, ministry taking my huts and enduring extreme stress to my marriage and personal health from the threats from the ministry and threats from NFN members Than EVER, EVER having to stand in front of a police officer, judge, my wife and family and have to say I had a tragedy today, a hut went through or a vehicle went through the ice and someone got hurt and died. Forget what hut or vehicle is lost, it is the human life that must be protected at all costs and that starts with non-negligent and safety promoting legislation So that the individual ice fishing guides are completely, legally and rightly in full control of their own clients, friends and family safety above any other concerns free from duress.
The ice fishing guide leading a group of fisherman should do at a minimum the following to adhere to safety first mindset that is legal a fully committed to a safe outing and return.
1. The Guide should always have safety picks and have extras and encourage their use.
2. The guide shall test the ice him or herself.
3. The guide should know the difference between clear new good ice compared to white ice, slush weighted ice, popcorn or deteriorating ice.
4. The guide should only go out on the proper quantity of clear ice for their group and circumstances.
5. The guide should never feel pressured or forced onto or off any lake unless that lake is closed to everyone.
6. Once free of pressure the guide should go where he or she has determined has the safest ice based on their intimate knowledge of ice conditions.
7. Thin ice or rotten ice should not be ventured on.
8. Guides and clients should be sober and focused on safe fishing as opposed to getting drunk or high on the ice. For the safety of the guides and other clients please leave all intoxicants at home. Bring the coffee, that's ok.
9. Never take unsafe risks like speeding on skidoo, venturing into untested and unfamiliar waters, gambling clients lives on thin ice, going to far on a lake in bad weather, without backup skidoos and all required safety equipment tailored to the situation.
10. Cellohone(s) should be taken and fully charged and kept warm.
11. Tell a trusted person where you are going and when you plan on returning.
12. Stay away from unsafe pressure cracks and creek outlets. Ask South Bay Operators this year if you don't believe me!
13. New entrants guiding on Lake Nipissing, from this day forward, will not be forced to buy a failed operators Heavy, Rotten Huts with dead sales and marketing, in order to guide on Lake Nipissing. We maintain the right to stay a small business. We have One Sleeper Hut and 5 day huts, I only want licences for what I have, not what I may have. I am building lightweight aluminum clad sleeper huts from scratch. Ice Season is more and more precarious, staying lightweight and small is good. When all my huts are full I have more than enough work. We will stay small. We will stay mobile. And if you don't like it, kiss my ass. We are mobile fishing guides. We will go where the ice is safest, where the fish are, where the fish are edible. In that order, free from duress and negligent legislation. I Promise, SO help me God! I hope you are reading this Tim Caddel. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old son and a wife who love to go fishing with me and spend time together as a family. They are almost always with me when I have clients out. Any negligent and illegal legislation preventing the legal and safe freedom of movement on ice meant to impede and restrict ice fishing guides will not be taken lightly and will be met with a thorough rebuttal, cross examination, and full and unending striving for and injunction and a reversal of the Lake Nipissing Commercial Ice Hut Operators Licence, "section 37(3) of Regulation 664/98 pursuant to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997(place fishing hut on ice with prescribed number not displayed) BTW, All my huts displayed my MNRF issued ice hut number. We are in no way hiding. Again the governments own published words and position: "The moratorium on new commercial ice hut licences is not the appropriate tool to address the fundamental issue affecting the walleye population in the lake"LNFMP2014" NO shit captain obvious. Even more disturbing is evidence of corruption, restricting competition, protecting revenue for personal gain from MNRF officials themselves. From this day forward ice fishing guides and their families safety will be put number 1! No longer will protectionism, pride, political parties whims and winds take away from the legal right to safety that ice fishing guides and their families rightly deserve. Ending a culture of repression and difficult to impossible to access information to fishing guides is a top priority. We are putting up a big WELCOME sign at the Trout Lake MNRF offices and will be returning to free and easy to access information and consultation to build proper public support for MNRF officials and their jobs. A culture of free and forthcoming information, encouragement of small business, fishing guides, and camps, safety first legislation, fairness and equality, promotion of fishing tourism is to be implemented and enshrined as the gospel. We are exiting the safety negligent dark ages and entering into a Safety First enlightenment ages So as to grow and protect the culture of ice fishing! Ice fishing guides, camps and outfitters deserve equal access to Lake Nipissing. We think it is inappropriate that in order to get a MNRF contact and the start to accessing information, We had to have 2 OPP investigators show up to my front door, with concerns I am physically taking over the Trout Lake MNRF Offices. How laughable. I have a 2 year old, get real. We just want free and easy to access information. It's so simple. I am turning the MNRF into the vision of True Hospitality that my education at Michigan State University and my real world business experience has instilled into my DNA and has somehow eluded every official at the MNRF. Hospitality, burn in it into your mind, MNRF Officials. No longer will bullies run the MNRF. Ice fishing guides, camps and outfitters deserve equal access to Lake Nipissing and "if" the MNRF can prove in court to a legal weight of necessity that community concerns about an overpopulation of commercial ice huts and resulting damage to the fish stocks was documented, legally reviewed, legally validated, consulted with the business and town leaders, and reviewed regularly that the LNCIHOL should have been implemented or continue, Then a legal equality, standard procedure, and free and forthcoming information to access god's natural resources as a Lake Nipissing ice fishing guide is to be implemented, such as a yearly issued licences with fees commensurate with each individual operators number of day huts and sleeper huts they own and place on Lake Nipissing. We suggest to the court that a yearly issued licencing system is the only legal and fair way to proceed if any commercial ice hut operators licencing scheme is legal at all. We would like to remind the court that Lake Nipissing is the only lake in the province to have implemented an Commercial Ice Hut Licence and we are challenging it's very validity at all and it's validity in it's current form "if" all those concerns were documented, valid and are still valid 20 year later. We would like to remind the court an important saying "Kid's who are taught to Fish, Hunt and Trap don't grow up to rob little old ladies." We need to teach kids to fish as well as newcomers to ice fishing. We need tourism is North Bay and area especially in the dead of winter! Please explain to the court MNRF officials why Lake Nipissing is the only lake in the province to implement a "Commercial Ice Hut Operators Licence"? and why a closed system designed to restrict competition, stop new entrants, risk the safety of all ice fishing guides, damage the finances of all North Bay and area businesses instead of an Open system that that allows new entrants, issues yearly licences and most importantly puts ice fishing guides and their families safety first and foremost above all else but can still achieve their management objectives of managing the total number of commercial ice huts on the lake? We strongly and humbly suggest and ask this court to investigate our heavy legal claim this system was not implemented to protect fish stocks or community concerns and was implemented to protect insider business interests and deny new entrants. An Old Boys Club! We will introduce evidence and call on witnesses to substantiate our claim if the courts deems it necessary.
My wife, son and I want peace. We ask the court for an injunction against the current form of the licencing system and direct the MNRF to comply with these new legal precedants resulting from a newly enshrined Safety First attitude and legal mandate, If your honor you agree to our views on this imporatant matter. We believe this matter is so important, we believe it should be elevated to a Crown vs. Crown case. My family needs to be taken out of this. This has nothing to do with me and everything to do with unsettled law. We are on the Crowns side. Long live the Queen! We are ice fishing royalty and that's what give me the balls and rights to take this case to court. I went to counseling this week, I was told to be a little more Kanye West and a little less Obama.
We humbly ask for consideration. We have evidence of financial damage and social damages to the very fabric of society in the Lake Nipissing watershed area and cities and communities that dot the shoreline. Severe damage. TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW
Our ice fishing adventures make a great gift for friends, families, individuals or work groups. We will cater to your individual needs for a great day on the ice.
We ice fish in our Brand Spanking New 20' Long 10' wide and built with ultra light weight aluminum fit for a KING 8 person Super Sleeper Hut!!!! or out of our 5 heated 8ft x 5 ft permanent day huts. One new day hut for this year has a wood stove or
rent our Clam Command Post Thermal 6x12 or a Clam BigFoot 8x8! Use the portables anywhere as long as I can see you from our cluster of huts. I'll give you a ride to your spot and help you set up the hut.
Ice Huts come equipped with a MR. Heater BIG Buddy Heater attached to 20lb propane tanks for all day heat. We provide as needed ice fishing rod and reel combos, ice fishing lures, chairs, slush scooper, minnow nets, minnows, transportation to huts via snowmobile. We drill lots of extra holes with our Jiffy Gas Auger. Safety First Always. Thanks from your ice fishing guides, Marc, Michelle and Max CEO and Founder: IceHutRentals.ca and IceHut.ca

Reserve your February Ice Fishing Adventure on Sunset Point, Lake Nipissing Right Now, if and a big if we get our huts back from the MNRF and receive a licence to operate! Right Now my huts are almost in Quebec at the Fish Hatchery past redbridge. Please Call or Email MNRF Area Enforcement Manager, Tim Caddell, tim.caddel@ontario.ca, 705 475-5548 and politely ask for my 6 icehuts to be released and a licence to operate. Please be polite and state ice fishing guides safety and right to freedom of movement trumps their illegal ice hut operators licencing scheme in the way it is currently designed. Again be polite. This is the man in charge and my civil disobedience has caused major rifts, controversy and much talk and discussion, so that is why we are politely trying to educate and inform why we are standing up for our rights. We are conciliatory and we apologize to all MNRF personnel for our civil disobedience in protection of our rights to safety and freedom of movement. We are sorry. We are humble and ask for your cooperation. Contact your ice fishing guides Marc and Michelle by email: salmonslayer2010@gmail.com Experience Northern Ontario's finest Ice Fishing and Hospitality! Happy Ice Fishing from www.IceHutRentals.ca
You may also contact Paul Gonsalves, Lawyer employed by the Minister of the Attorney General: Ministry of Natural Resources Legal Services Branch 99 Wellesley St. W., Room 3420 Toronto, Ontario M7A 1W3, Tel: 416-314-2002 and politely state ice fishing guides safety and right to freedom of movement trumps their illegal ice hut operators licencing scheme for Lake Nipissing in the way it is currently designed. Please be polite and ask how much he knows about local ice conditions from Toronto? I don't give a shit who tells me where to go ice fishing, be it the Pope, Donald Trump or Mother Theresa, I'm going where the ice is safest, bottom line! My 2 year old is more important than your opinions. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they stink. We apologize the facts may be inconvenient to MNRF officials but again I just don't care. My two year old and wife's safety while coming with me ice fishing is more important than your negligent rules.
Tell him only my side of this case is meritorious and that I will seek nothing short of an injunction against the Lake Nipissing Commercial Ice Hut Operators Licence and full recovery of our costs
You may also politely teach and inform the following as well: Ben Wakelin, Conservation Officer, Tel: 705 475-5602, email: ben.wakelin@ontario.ca
Michael (Mike) Schenk, Conservation Officer, Tel: 705 647-6988, Email: mike.schenk@ontario.ca
Luke Weber, Conservation Officer, Email: luke.weber@ontario.ca